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Can you keep your business if you file for divorce?

As a business owner, you might worry about what could happen to your business in your divorce settlement. Although New York is not a community property state, there are instances in which your business could qualify as marital property. Understanding the considerations for your business as part of your divorce will help you make the […]

What is divorce mediation and is it right for you?

If you are going through a divorce but feel that you and your future ex-spouse can collaborate on important decisions regarding the separation, divorce mediation is worth considering. Mediation is often smoother, less expensive and faster than traditional divorce. Learning more about mediation helps you make an informed decision about whether it will work in […]

5 tips for talking with your child about divorce

A divorce is a complicated experience, especially when you have a child to consider. As uncomfortable as it may be, discussing this life change is necessary. Here are five tips to make talking with your child about divorce easier and more peaceful. 1. Make post-divorce plans first Prematurely telling your child about the divorce can […]

Transitioning to split householdss

Following a divorce, the transition into split households is challenging, especially for your children. For children whose entire existence was in a single household, suddenly having two homes and two bedrooms can be overwhelming. There are some things you can do to ease the transition. Communicate clearly and openly Children struggle with uncertainty and fear […]

Why uncontested divorces still need an attorney

An uncontested divorce is the most amicable and easiest divorce to consider. When you and your spouse can agree on the separation and the final settlement, the divorce process is faster and has less emotional upheaval. While uncontested divorces are easier, they are not without their challenges as well. You should still retain an attorney […]

How do courts decide who gets spousal support in a divorce?

When one spouse earns more than another, the lower-earning spouse may worry about financially supporting themselves after divorce. However, either party can request financial support from the other spouse during divorce proceedings. Several factors impact the court’s decision when determining who provides support temporarily or maintenance for the long term. The payor’s income affects the […]

Tips for entering the workforce after your divorce

When you and your spouse decide to end your marriage, the division of your assets is a significant concern. However, once you receive a final divorce decree, you may find that your focus shifts to making ends meet as a newly single person in New York. If you stop receiving spousal support and must enter […]

How can you make the divorce process less stressful?

Going through a divorce can entail considerable stress and uncertainty. Planning ahead and identifying what you need to resolve will give you a clear road map. Learning about some of the procedural and legal aspects of the divorce process can ease some of your apprehension. Guidance from experienced counsel helps to ensure that you are […]

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