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Why uncontested divorces still need an attorney

An uncontested divorce is the most amicable and easiest divorce to consider. When you and your spouse can agree on the separation and the final settlement, the divorce process is faster and has less emotional upheaval.

While uncontested divorces are easier, they are not without their challenges as well. You should still retain an attorney for several reasons.

Even uncontested divorces must follow protocols

Legal protocols are difficult to navigate when you lack courtroom experience. A lawyer can guide you and your spouse through the paperwork, settlement and filing steps to ensure success.

Uncontested divorces can have complications

Sometimes an uncontested divorce can face challenges in the final stages because one spouse struggles with the emotional aspects or the logistics of the settlement. If you are not prepared with legal representation, this can set you back in the process. An attorney can help you navigate the disagreement and settle it without litigation.

An attorney will ease your stress

Legal proceedings are stressful and can leave you struggling to meet legal deadlines. Your attorney can handle those deadlines and court notifications on your behalf so that you are free of those obligations.

It is a common misconception that uncontested divorces do not need an attorney. As you can see, legal support can be beneficial even when you both agree on the settlement terms at the start. Do not get caught unprepared if your spouse suddenly decides to contest an aspect of the agreement that you previously settled. Be proactive about finalizing the terms of your divorce efficiently and effectively.

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