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What is divorce mediation and is it right for you?

If you are going through a divorce but feel that you and your future ex-spouse can collaborate on important decisions regarding the separation, divorce mediation is worth considering. Mediation is often smoother, less expensive and faster than traditional divorce.

Learning more about mediation helps you make an informed decision about whether it will work in your situation.

Understanding the mediation process

Rather than both partners appearing with lawyers in court, mediation creates an environment where both individuals reach decisions together with the help of a neutral mediator. Mediation is often seen as less combative than traditional divorce, making it an appealing option to reduce the painful feelings and stress associated with ending a marriage.

Mediation lasts until the couple reaches constructive decisions. The mediator guides the conversation through vital points such as dividing assets and creating co-parenting plans if you have children. Mediation often leads to a divorce on better terms, which can be invaluable for those who will still need to communicate with their ex for co-parenting reasons.

While mediation comes with many advantages, it is not a good fit for situations where domestic violence or abuse has occurred. Mediation relies on creating a safe space where both individuals can freely communicate, which may not be possible in these situations.

Doing what is best for your needs

While not a perfect fit for every situation, mediation can work well for many separating couples. Even those who do not necessarily agree on most details of the separation may be able to collaboratively reach decisions with the help of a mediator.

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