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Insight Into Equitable Distribution And Division Of Assets

Equitable distribution is a concept where the court treats the marriage as not only a social partnership but mainly as an economic partnership. Therefore, the court must make a determination as to how property should be divided between divorced spouses. In dividing your assets, the court will seek to divide the property equitably, which may not be an equal division of property between the spouses. This includes all real property (house, land, etc.), personal property (cars, bank accounts, furniture, etc.) and debts. There are many factors that the court must consider when dividing the property including but not limited to:

  • When the property was acquired
  • How the property was acquired
  • The funds, if any, used to acquire the property
  • How the property was used and/or managed prior to and during the marriage
  • Each party’s assets

We can offer insight as to how a judge might divide your property between you and your spouse after gathering all of the relevant facts of your case and analyzing your needs and preferences. But more importantly, we know what arguments you should make and how to prepare to present those arguments to the judge in order to get you the best possible distribution of the assets.

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