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Relocation Of Children

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A person looking to relocate with children to another county, state, country or region will need to obtain the consent of the other parent or a court order permitting them to move. The courts generally do not permit children to be relocated without good cause because relocation often interferes with the other parent’s right to enjoy a meaningful relationship with the child(ren).

There are many factors that the court will consider in granting or denying an application to relocate the child(ren)’s residence including, but not limited to the following:

  • A plan for visitation/parenting time with the other parent
  • Your reasons for moving i.e., economic necessity, financial hardship, safety concerns, etc.
  • Plan for transportation of child(ren) to and from visits: who will pay, who will transport, length of travel, mode of transportation, etc.
  • Access to child(ren)’s school records via an internet portal or some other means
  • School district
  • Status and amount of child support payments
  • Child preference
  • Past participation by a parent in schooling, extracurricular activities and daily routine of the child(ren)
  • Residence of siblings
  • Location and proximity to any extended relatives
  • Domestic violence and/or orders of protection

Each relocation case is very different and extremely complex, requiring careful planning in order to obtain permission from the court to relocate. The gathering of relevant evidence and proper presentation of that evidence to the court is essential in order to obtain a successful outcome. Whether you are seeking to relocate or to prevent the other parent from relocating the child(ren) you must seek the assistance of a professional and experienced attorney to achieve your desired result.

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