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Transitioning to split householdss

Following a divorce, the transition into split households is challenging, especially for your children. For children whose entire existence was in a single household, suddenly having two homes and two bedrooms can be overwhelming.

There are some things you can do to ease the transition.

Communicate clearly and openly

Children struggle with uncertainty and fear during a transition into split households. Take time to communicate clearly and openly with your child about what will happen, including who will take them to school, who will pick them up and what the schedule is in each home.

Maintain as much consistency as possible

During the initial transition period, keep the household rules the same in both homes so that children have clear, understandable and predictable expectations. Adjusting to different rules between the homes can foster confusion and frustration.

Choose a special toy to travel between homes with your child

If your child has a stuffed animal or blanket that they care about, make sure that it travels between homes with them. This can help provide comfort during the initial upheaval and transition.

Provide the child their own space in each home

Whichever parent moves out needs to ensure that the child has their own bedroom and space in their new home. Creating a space that is just for them can help your child feel more at home in this new environment.

Remember that the transition to two households is stressful for your children, just as it is for you. These steps can help make it easier for everyone.

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