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How to properly navigate a divorce case

If you’re looking to file for divorce in New York, then it is incredibly important to understand how the process works.

Although television and movies can make it seem like a straightforward process by dividing everything in half, going through a divorce can actually be very complex, especially if there are multiple disputes going on, such as with a child custody case. The following includes further information on how to properly navigate a divorce case.

Filing in New York

Before you file in New York, you need to pass a few requirements. The first one includes the length of your living situation. Under the law, you must prove that you or your spouse have lived in New York for at least a year. Next includes the presentation of documents providing a reason for your divorce. The following includes a few of the reasons you may present to the courts:

  • The marriage has been broken for more than six months.
  • The two people involved live apart.
  • There has been long-term imprisonment of a spouse.

Child custody in New York

Child custody issues are a part of many marriages. You may receive help with the stressful parts of a child custody case by consulting a family law attorney with experience in negotiations involving children. However, the courts will still have the last say as they must look out for what is in the child’s best interest.

What is the waiting period in New York?

Fortunately, New York is one of the few states that require no waiting period before you are able to file for divorce. This means you can quickly begin with the legal process as soon as both parties are ready.

As you can see from the information above, the divorce process can be quite complex to deal with. That is why your first step should be to research and hire an attorney who is experienced in dealing with family law.

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